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       Throughout my life, I've become dedicated to experiencing the outdoors in my home state-CONNECTICUT.  I'm well involved in most of the hunting and fishing opportunities that Connecticut has to offer.  Through countless hours of experience, personal research, official facts and figures, and a Ranger job with the DEP, I've put together a site dedicated to informing you about all the action!  From ice fishing to muzzleloading, saltwater to bird hunting, this is your all-you-need guide to the Connecticut outdoors. E-mailyour questions and comments and discover what the Connecticut outdoors is all about!

Where do you want to explore?

    Connecticut River Striped Bass     Trout Fishing (Lakes)
    Largemouth/Smallmouth Fishing Saltwater (Blues,Stripers,Fluke,other)
    Northern Pike Fishing    Panfish
    Trout Fishing (streams)     Icefishing


    Whitetail Deer     Waterfowl
     Pheasants/Grouse/Upland     Turkey
     Squirrels     Other Game...

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